Facebook wants you to 'Subscribe' now !

* Facebook unveiled the "Subscribe" button that will allow its 750 million-plus active monthly users to better control what their friends share with them, including updates, photos, videos, and links. It will also let users "subscribe" to public status updates from others much in the same way Twitter lets its users "follow" other users. To enable the feature, click here. (Facebook)

* Barclays analyst Anthony DiClemente predicts Amazon (AMZN) will sell 2 million Kindle tablets this year, still a significant number, but half what an earlier report claimed. (Boy Genius Report)

* Colleague Dan Primack on why Facebook doesn't need to ever go public. (Fortune)

* Microsoft (MSFT) CEO Steve Ballmer revealed that an early developer version of Windows 8 has already been downloaded 500,000 times since last night.

* Music streaming services MOG and Rdio are following in Spotify's digital footsteps by integrating free features: MOG will roll out a web-based, ad-supported version of its service which retains listeners if they do certain things like share playlists with friends, while Rdio's free version will essentially serve as an ad-free trial period. (All Things D)

* Manila, a handy startup that keeps tabs on and helps you pay nearly all your bills from one central service, is now available on Android and iOS. Try it out for yourself. (Manila)

* Groupon is reportedly back on track with its initial public offering (IPO), aiming for October or early November. (The New York Times)

* Is BlackBerry's PlayBook tablet destined to meet the same fate as HP's TouchPad? (Boy Genius Report)
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