Catering to Your Niche Crowd ~ Boutique Publishing

                   This is in response to an interesting article on Forbes,

"..Some of the most interesting experiments in publishing are the ones that use an entirely different math. NSFW Corp.( is one of them. Launched by former TechCrunch writer Paul Carr over the summer, it’s a general-interest news and humor site that doesn’t need, doesn’t expect and doesn’t particularly want a ton of readers.

Since its launch, it has amassed — or a-niched — more than 3,000 subscribers who pay $3 a month for access. If it can attract 30,000 subscribers, it will be at or near the breakeven point. “If we can get 50,000, none of us will ever have to do anything else again,” says Carr.

NSFW’s mix of gonzo politics, guerilla journalism and open-mic comedy isn’t for everyone. But that’s the point. It’s because it doesn’t try to be for everyone that it can be what it is. After all, Carr notes, if there’s one thing the Web has proven, it’s that there’s money to be made in catering to niche tastes. “It’s nearer to paying for porn than it is to paying for news,” he says of his site’s appeal.

Smallness also makes it easier to innovate, which NSFW does on a variety of levels."

My response,

             There are quiet few select groups, underground networks and circles that offer membership by invite only. Off-course, once you identify and demarcate your niche crowd/select audience things such as scalability and monetization by numbers go out the window because the primary emphasis often is purely on things such as delivering quality and value that is relevant, unique and hard to find. P.S ~ Not an easy model to follow but worthy of consideration once you have matured in the business and tested the waters over the years.

~ Jai Krishna Ponnappan