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Affordable Video Hosting for Small Businesses

According to industry predictions, video alone will account for more than 82% of all internet traffic by 2021, making it one of the top marketing trends of the year. However, video material is much heavier than text-based content and places a large strain on your website servers, which is an issue for your server.

A contemporary content marketing plan thus includes a video hosting website or service. Without server slowness or website outages, you must be able to post and distribute high-quality movies with your audience.

Should I Host My Own Videos on My Own Server or Use a Video Hosting Website?

Video may significantly burden your server with even a little quantity of traffic, regardless of whether you have a dedicated server or virtual machine.

A standard homepage with photos should take up no more than a few gigabytes, however a single 720p movie frequently takes up more than 100.

Therefore, ten viewers watching a minute of HD video on the server uses a gigabit of bandwidth. For the same bandwidth, you may get a thousand or more visits to a website with both text and images.

A single video might easily push you above your allotted bandwidth in a matter of days since web hosting plans often place a limit on it. Because of this, using a third-party video platform is typically preferable.

10 Best Platforms for Hosting Videos in 2022.

Entrepreneurs and small-business owners often think that incorporating video into their marketing or communication plan -- let alone configuring a website for video -- is costly, complicated and beyond reach. 

Online video is expected to account for half of all consumer Internet traffic, according to a recent Cisco report. 

Nearly 60 percent of those online will watch a video before reading the text on any given webpage -- and they’re more likely to make a purchase.

These findings should prompt businesses of all sizes to see the urgency of matching the growing demand for video-related content with videos of their own.